This one-day workshop, organised by Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), University College London (UCL) and Cardiff University (CU) explored potential pathways toward more resilient water supplies in the city of Dodoma. Over 40 participants from the general public to senior government officials (e.g. Tanzanian Director of Water Resources) engaged in sustained discussions over the future of water supply for Dodoma.  These discussions examined strategic questions around the long-term renewability of groundwater pumpage from the Makutapora Wellfield, the primary source of piped water supplies to Dodoma. Further participants discussed a range of demand-led (e.g. prioritising household use) and supply-led solutions (e.g. use of private boreholes, reuse of grey water, increase ‘freshwater capture’ including soakwaways for floodwaters and rainwater harvesting). Further, the consequences of the current context in which urban demand far exceeds supply were reviewed. This workshop started a conversation with key stakeholder groups and the Ministry of Water’s Centre of Excellence that will be followed by the establishment of a Transformation Laboratory (T-Lab) under new research project, CLARITY (CLimate Adaptation and Resilience In Tropical drYlands). Details of this meeting are reported here in KiSwahili.